Heels & Green

Learn. Share. Grow

A networking platform for young professional women in Africa.

We are consciously building a community of women that are eager to share their personal experiences and support each other.


The workplace is a complex and difficult environment to navigate, especially for young African women who are faced with bias and many unwritten rules. It can get overwhelming and lonely.Our mission at Heels & Green is to create a space where women can connect, share and learn from each other's experiences. Through this community, we hope that women will feel empowered to achieve career and economic mobility, knowing that they are supported.

Some of the topics that we discuss in the community:



Salome "Sally" Ayugi
Imungu Kalevera
Agatha Wanjiru
Agatha Wanjiru





We asked our members how being part of the community has impacted them and this is what they said:

"It has made me be more confident in meetings as I heard from other event attendees that they did the same and got promoted. It actually got me a raise!"
Salome- Marketing Coordinator

"Heels and Green has helped me change my view on power dynamics and helped me position myself better towards achieving my goals and having my views heard at work. "
Stephanie- Auditor

"I am more confident in my workplace decision making. Knowing that there are other women out there working on assertiveness and knowing their value, gives me the courage to also be firm in my job and generally in life.
I really love that!"

Itago- Management Consultant


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